Episode 30: Where in the World is the Woo Crew?

Where in the World has the Woo Crew been all summer?! Grab your favorite beverage and settle in for a catch up session! See where we have been traveling, both actual travel and our healing journey. Alexandra has been through a lot of change with the passing of her much loved and missed father. Aaron and his husband had a major life shift happen all in the middle of a tropical storm. Rosalie has been jet setting all across the country. Camillionaire had a hectic busy schedule with traveling both for work and pleasure (well family visits I guess can be consider pleasure…maybe?) Brenda Sue had a fabulous summer spending time on the West Coast as well as a bucket list vacation! Take a listen to this episode to hear about all of the amazing places and experiences we’ve shared this past summer.

We will catch you on the next podcast!


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We will catch you on the next podcast!

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