About Us

The Woo Crew


Hello and welcome! We are a group of spiritually ambitious friends, who know the value of community. We invite you to join in on our conversations about mindfulness, energy work, intuition, self-care, and much, much more! The woo-curious, the spiritually enlightened, and everyone in between are welcome. It’s a great big beautiful woo-verse out there and we’re talking about all of it! 

In our Pilot episode of the Ohm-G podcast, (give it a listen when you get the chance and let us know what you think!), we go into great detail about the formation of our “WooWoo Crew.” As the world was beginning to lock down due to the global pandemic, we were ascending – opening our hearts, minds, and chakras – as well as our group texts, zoom calls, and socially distanced outdoor gatherings around bonfires in backyards. We journeyed within and found that with our varied interests and abilities, such as Reiki, massage therapy, Intuition, Channeling, Crystals, Herbalism, Tarot Reading, Astrology, Writing, Comedy, and of course – Prosecco, we had created a support group for our spiritual growth! We really were bringing out the best in one another and helping us to individually raise our vibrations. 

We’re all so excited to share this creative project with you and begin to form a community with you all! Whether you’re a Woo-Pro, a Witch or Warlock two decades into your spiritual journey, or simply Woo-curious, pull up a chair, plug in your headphones, pour a glass of your favorite beverage, and raise a glass with us each week as we discuss all things “woo-woo.” Not always an easy subject to talk with others about, we’re honored to have you join us!