45: Vulnerability: Truth & Courage📢💪

Hello friends of the Ohm-g Podcast! 

I hope your 2024 year is off to a peaceful start. If we listen to the rhythm of Mother Nature she is telling us to be still, to burrow down into the earth/ourselves and rest and reflect. I think everyone thinks of January as the month to set goals and kick start the year. But it is actually a time of inner reflection.

I’ve been reflecting on friendship. I don’t know if you guys listened to some of our most recent episodes, most notably, “Mirror, Mirror” and “A Curious Game,”. (If you haven’t then stop reading and immediately go listen.) Anyway, I have been reflecting on the friendships and closeness of the Ohm-g crew. I was reflecting on the level of vulnerability everyone has shown and how that vulnerability has brought us all closer as friends and fellow seekers on our path to greater awareness and understanding of ourselves, each other, and the greater whole.

 The more that we allow ourselves to be seen by the other, the closer the bond has grown. I think on most days we walk around with a mask, the way we present ourselves to the outside world, our work companions, our family, and the list goes on. The different personas we take on to fit in and not be rejected by people we barely even know.

I wonder what would happen if we took our masks off and were just exactly who we are for every facet of life. Exposed that vulnerability every now and then. Now, maybe we can’t fully do that. We do have certain expectations when we are at work to behave in a professional manner. (Ya’ll know I’m a goofball so I would surely say or do something inappropriate). We also open ourselves to the sting of criticism and judgment. But my question is, would it be so bad if someone else thought you were weird or awkward? 

I decided to take one of my masks off today. I’ve been back in school since the fall of last year and most of my classes are with the same group of people. It is the strangest thing to me as a Gemini that no one in class talks to each other or even makes eye contact. So today there is a small group of us waiting for the teacher to arrive outside the classroom. To cut the awkward silence I say “why don’t we ever talk to each other. Don’t you find it strange that we have been sitting in class with each other for months now and no one says anything.”

Immediately everyone’s faces light up and they start laughing and saying the same thing. Then we break into a whole conversation about one of our other classes. An immediate energy shift happened and everything felt lighter. We had created a connection through a few seconds of mustering the courage to show a little vulnerability. 

Back to my reflection on our little crew. We would never have created the bond that we have with each other without our willingness to be vulnerable. To admit our shortcomings, admit our shame, to allow our friends to see us through their eyes. Allowing them to reflect to us what we often don’t see in ourselves. To be truly seen. It is a gift beyond measure. I think about each of those crazy little souls and I almost can’t take it, my heart just wants to explode with so much love and gratitude for each one of them.

My January mood is gratitude. I’m going to focus on that instead of the things I perceive that I don’t have. I have the very best of friends, a warm home, a fiancé that is caring and steady (yeah, ya’ll heard that right, I got engaged last September), my children are healthy and I love my relationship with each of them. I adore this community of people that are surrounding us with the podcast. My wish for you is that you already have your tribe. That you allow yourself to truly be seen by them. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the most beautiful parts that make up the glowing soul that you are. 

What are you grateful for? Gratitude breeds more things to be grateful for. Much love to each of you!

Brenda Sue Jean Louise Jolene III 

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