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Episode 45: Shiny Rocks Make Us Happy

In this episode your two resident crystal witches, Rosalie and Chandra, riff on their love of all shiny rocks...

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Episode 44: What’s Humor Got To Do With It?

In this episode a paired down Crew of Aaron, Camille, and Chandra discuss how they feel humor and sarcasm...

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Episode 43: Mediumship’s A Trip

This week Brenda and Camille sit down to discuss the in’s and out’s of mediumship. Join us for this...

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Episode 42: What’s Your Love Language

Welcome to this episode where we discuss the 5 Love Languages.Receiving GiftsPhysical TouchWords of AffirmationActs of ServiceQuality Time Can...

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Episode 41: Partnering with Plant Medicine

We are taking a deep dive into plant and animal medicine. Join us and hear our personal experiences and...

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Episode 40: Sitting with Cacao

Join the Crew as we experience a Cacao Ceremony LIVE! Have you been curious what it is all about?...

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