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44: Work It! 💼💻📂

Hello Beautiful Souls.  Aaron here, Lately I have been experiencing mirroring in the world that has been awful. People have been rude, disrespectful, and downright hateful and vindictive to...

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45: Vulnerability: Truth & Courage📢💪

Hello friends of the Ohm-g Podcast!  I hope your 2024 year is off to a peaceful start. If we listen to the rhythm of Mother Nature she is telling...

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43: Another Glimpse of Oneness🎆

Hello friends…Chandra here. Pardon if I just jump right into the meat of this letter. I had a very deep experience the other day and I have to share...

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42: What’s Your Super Power💥

Y’all, this eclipse season has been crazy! Hey its Aaron and I hope you all are doing well, taking care of you and yours, and doing some serious grounding...

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41: Eclipsing Those Life Lessons🌔

Hello beautiful friends of the Ohm-g community. This is Brenda Sue here! Where is this year going??!! Time seems to be moving forward at a breathtaking pace. So tell...

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40: Hand That Girl A Mic🎙️🎧

She started out as an Ohm-G podcast listener, and liked what she heard.  She bought us a bottle here and there, and kept on listening.  She then got a...

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