43: Another Glimpse of Oneness🎆

Hello friends…Chandra here. Pardon if I just jump right into the meat of this letter. I had a very deep experience the other day and I have to share it with all of you, my community.

Last Sunday I was listening to Joanna the Healer’s latest video. I’m sure that comes as no surprise. It is no secret that Ohm-g 💞 Joanna. She was dropping knowledge bombs left and right as she does when she said something that completely blew my mind.

She challenged the listener to imagine waking up tomorrow feeling whole, complete, healed. There was nothing about yourself you didn’t accept. Nothing broken to fix. Nothing left that needed healing. Now how would you FEEL?

When I tried to tap into that feeling it was scary as hell! Who would I be with the stories of my experiences – my trauma? (Ah-ha – there’s the “old story” I’ve been hanging on to) But more than that. There was no purpose, no reason. For the first time I didn’t just know I FELT that as humans our Life Purpose is to have those experiences – live through them with as much ease and grace as possible – learn as much as we can from it – wring out every truth possible from that pain – embody that learning – rinse – repeat. THAT IS IT. That is every soul’s purpose.

When I tried to lean into the feeling of “whole” it felt like a void. Completely dark. It was through the cracks and missing pieces that the light was coming in.I only caught a glimpse of it, but it was enough to send me recoiling back from it.  At first I thought, “what a boring existence”. That became “What would be the purpose of staying here (earth – human form)?” if there is no work to do? It felt as if having no work to do, nothing to release, nothing to heal equated to ceasing to exist. It was a profound few seconds to say the least.

As I try to dive deeper and integrate my own shadow self, I now realize I’m not chasing what will make me whole. Make me healed. Instead I am learning to FEEL Oneness. Oneness with ALL THAT IS  is what we are yearning for in this existence. Now I declare my own challenge….

Imagine you wake up tomorrow fully realizing you are ALL THAT IS. Every living thing on this planet, Mother Gaia herself, every star you can see, every star you can’t see, the entire Universe – that is who you are. As a human you are one point of all that exists. You and the Universe are one.

Now that doesn’t feel boring at all!! Nor the least bit scary. Actually it feels heavenly.

In this life you will still experience all the human “stuff”. You may still go to a job you hate or at least know isn’t in alignment with you. Or maybe you still have to deal with that person or family member who feels it is their personal mission to push every one of your buttons. There will still be inner struggles with body image or self deprecating thoughts. You may even have to face physical illness. BUT….

Now you can view these from a place of Oneness. From that perspective they almost seem trivial. It will still create chaos for the human part of you but deep within you feel like those issues that seemed so overwhelming to the human are merely “the next move” in this game of experiences your soul is playing. It is the next scene in the movie that is your life. The next oration the actor your soul is playing must deliver with believability.

From that perspective the things we now try to resist seem so much smaller. They have no power over ALL THAT IS (you).  You have the ability to navigate them with curiosity and practically enjoy experiencing the twists and turns that narrative will take.

WOW! Now mind you I only caught a tiny glimpse of this.Only truly felt it for a fraction of a second. But long enough to realize THAT is the goal. That is the prize we should all be playing for.

Releasing limiting beliefs, healing current & generational trauma, integrating the shadow parts of yourself into this human experience…  All that is HARD WORK and I’m not minimizing any of it. Actually, I’m exalting it!

Accomplishing those tasks with as much ease and grace as possible during this period of human experience is YOUR PURPOSE.  When you start chipping away, start experiencing release, start feeling lighter, and feeling like you come from a place of a little more understanding, you are going to share that with others.  Maybe in a big way (writing a book or public speaking) or maybe in a small way by simply sharing your experiences with a friend. Either way you are spreading light. Showing others the way to Oneness.

Even helping one person understand more Oneness will benefit the entire collective. If you feel like “I’m here to do more. I must be meant for a bigger purpose” it is because you ARE!!

Your purpose is that you are here to CHANGE THE WORLD!

Sharing your experiences with others by healing yourself and helping them navigate that same wounding will perpetuate healing exponentially. By doing your inner work you are pulling all of humanity closer to ONENESS.

That gives reparenting that inner brat a whole different spin, doesn’t it?  For me it gave that work a meaning more than just what it will accomplish in my existence. I am ALL THAT IS. It is my job, my purpose, by obligation to do all within my means to drive myself and everyone else back to ONENESS.

I know achieving that while in the human experience is near impossible, but that is not the goal, is it?  As a soul having a human experience we learn and we remember and we share the path home. And if we are good boys and girls😜 we can hope to be rewarded with a glimpse of that Nirvana every now and then.

Just like the one Joanna helped me see.

Just like the one that changed my perspective on purpose.

Believe me, I have a lot left to do and I will be doing the work; seeking out the experience and the lessons.  I want to earn another glimpse of what I have to look forward to when my time in Earth School is complete. Another Glimpse of ONENESS.

Until next time

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