Episode 71: The Shame Game

As usual one of the crew found another rabbit hole and took to reading Healing the Shame That Binds You by John Bradshaw

Join the Crew in what becomes a very vulnerable discussion about shame and how it can affect us in all aspects of our lives, including spirituality.

Shame in and of itself is a vital emotion in navigating the human experience. Think of it as a moral compass.  Toxic Shame (the shame projected on us by others), however, is extremely undermining to our sense of self.  The more shame you accrue the more the authentic self shrinks and the false self you create to cope, takes over.

The Crew discusses why spiritually awakened individuals might be a little more sensitive to shame and the impact the false self can have on your growth and healing journey.

Listen to find out how the false self would present itself and the paradoxical nature of neurotic shame.

Bradshaw says in his book “True love heals. It affects spiritual growth. If we don’t grow because of someone’s love, it’s generally because its a counterfeit form of love.”

WOW! Now that’s a yardstick to measure your relationship by! Lots to reveal, unpack, and absorb. We hope you enjoy it and find some grace for yourself in this journey

The Shame That Binds You – John Bradshaw

We will catch you on the next podcast!


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