Episode 3: To Degree or Not to Degree?

The Woo crew is back, and they are talking about higher education. Is that degree worth it? Does a certification mean anything or prove you can do or know more? We’ve all be there. Do we need to learn more, or is it about validation? Maybe both!

Guest Lisa Lucario is with us, and she shares why she decided to go to college originally and why she went back for her master’s degree. She shares her decision-making process and how it unfolded for her.

Alexandra shares how the expectation to go to college was sometimes hard for her. She realized that she needed to find the way of learning that suited her

Brenda shares something many of us will relate to. Do we feel worthy to help others? Do I need to prove that to others or to myself? Brenda explains how she’s come to her decision about continuing education and it’s going to be helpful for you too.

Where is my worth?

This is something we all grapple with in some way. The crew shares how this has shown up for all of them, and how it’s changing as we get older. Do we speak up? What happens when others don’t value us?

Aaron shares how his master’s degree changed how he sees the world. If you are there because you want to learn more and it lights you up, you don’t need to prove or explain to others.
Is fake-it-til-you-make-it okay? The group all agree that at times, it’s the right thing to do especially when someone is trying to make you feel less than. Knowing you belong at the table is something only you can decide.

This discussion will help anyone who’s felt like they needed another degree, or certificate or course to be worthy. Who is it going to help? Will that next certificate cure your imposter syndrome? Is it to provide you with more confidence or to demonstrate to others your expertise?

Above all, trust your inner knowing. We all have to be whole so we can help others.

Resources mentioned:
Astrologer Robert Brown


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