41: Eclipsing Those Life Lessons🌔

Hello beautiful friends of the Ohm-g community. This is Brenda Sue here! Where is this year going??!! Time seems to be moving forward at a breathtaking pace. So tell me ya’ll, how ya’ll doing with this eclipse season? Are you thriving or barely surviving?

I’ll be honest, it has been rough. Spirit has literally sat me down on my bum, I have been sick for two weeks and it feels like more than just a passing bug. It feels like a tearing down, clearing out, a burning the of the old. It has been a rough season. I have been contemplating what spirit is slowing me down to show me and it all came together today when I was listening to the latest Joanna the Healer YouTube video (Awakening to the Soul). 

As a side note, if you haven’t listened to her channel, then I suggest you check it out if you are ready to grow.

 Back to my mega eclipse revelation today. She channels an opening from her spirit team and then you have the opportunity to “pick a pile” of cards for a more direct message. Well ya’ll, spirit was screaming in my ear “#3” and so I began to listen. The message of #3 was about not being enough. This is something I have struggled with my whole life for as long as I can remember. She spoke on the fear of rejection and comparison. That comparison just comes from feeling not good enough. 

As she was talking I saw the whole timeline of my life play out in my mind’s eye; where the feeling started, how the message was perpetuated by life experience and relationships and how I still experience it through comparison thinking. It was a total lightbulb moment! How the religious conditioning of how we are all sinner’s and not “good enough” for God but how his mercy allows us to go to heaven if we repent. 

So, I spent many years choosing men who continued to prove that conditioning to me. Joanna the Healer gave some great inner dialogue conversations to have with yourself so that you can flip that script on your inner voice and change the narrative for yourself. At the root of this is our stability and security. Like OHM-G ya’ll, I have been carrying this crap around with me since childhood. 

Who gets to decide if I’m good enough? I GET TO DECIDE, I get to flip the inner dialogue and appreciate me, just like I am, with what I can offer to others and how I can help the collective and the people around me. I get to choose that I am enough and you know what, so do you!  

What are the gifts that each of you have to offer? What unique talent or emotion did you come to share with the world? Is it your ability to help others feel loved? Is it your song, your words, your general energy vibration? We are all unique humans and we are enough just by living, by breathing, and by loving. So go be fantastically enough today and have gratitude for all of your enoughness. I love you guys!

Brenda Sue Jean Louise Jolene III

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