Episode 57: WooWoo Wisdom 3.24.2023 – PART 2

PART 2 of 2: Ohm-g Podcast members, Brenda and Chandra, do oracle card readings for friends and fans of the podcast. Spirit was definitely in on this one. Causing tech difficulties and the whole 9 yards. Therefore we’re going to have to post this one in 2 parts. We totally got kicked off the live stream while doing one of the readings. But once we got back on Spirit came through in a big way. The theme this week was definitely that we are in a time of huge transformation. We both pulled the Butterfly card in all of its forms and iterations (butterfly, caterpillar, chrysalis, etc.). Give your self grace during this period. Major changes are taking place.

For info on the card decks we use check out https://ohm-gpodcast.com/products/

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10:00 Last part of Toni’s reading
3:22 Yoshi
7:51 Lynn
11:49 Sacredmeow
16:40 Tovi
22:30 Oceanhappy
25:58 Maria

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