Episode 7: Cool Yule

Join The Crew and our special guest Lisa Lucario-Greene as we celebrate Yule together! Gather around the table with your favorite beverage as we discuss Yule traditions.

Alexandra shares the pagan traditions and she shows the similarity between old pagan traditions and Christian traditions such as putting a tree in your house. Hanging garland also is a pagan tradition! Who knew?! Odin is known as the Long Bearded God, perhaps that is where Santa comes from? 

Brenda lived in Sweden for a couple of years and she shares their Christmas traditions and how “Santa” comes on Christmas Eve and hands out the gifts to the children.

The Crew shares individual family traditions, like how Chandra and Camille dress up as Krampus on Christmas and scare the neighborhood children. Just kidding, they don’t actually do that, but I wouldn’t put it past them.

Rosalie shares her traditions coming from New Mexico, like the tradition of Las Posadas. In this tradition the children dress like Mary and Joseph, the community gathers, and they go through the Christmas story. The tradition of Luminarias, may have originated here as families stacked wood fires by their homes that would be used to keep the community members warm as they walked around for Los Posadas.

Brenda shares that Sweden has a similar tradition but using snow ball pyramids with a candle in the pyramid. 

Lisa’s great grandparents came from Sicily. Christmas Eve was always a full spread of Italian food and then off to midnight Mass. On Christmas Day they would celebrate the “American” way. Lisa is hosting her family this year and, in true tradition, she is going full blown Italian with her cuisine. She is in the middle of writing a book about her “Big Crazy Italian Family” and it is making her really want to relive the past.

Chandra shares that she and her husband like to get up and make a big southern breakfast and then open presents together.

Alexandra shares her family tradition of getting up for coffee and hot chocolate and then opening presents together. They always go to the movies together as a family on Christmas day. They also celebrate “Boxing Day” with friends to share the holidays with their created family.

Aaron has a pressing question for the viewers. “What in the heck is fruitcake weather?” Camille thinks it is a doorstop. Brenda and Ro love fruitcake. We are a table divided by fruitcake! Feel free to weigh in on your thoughts about this seasonal delight. Is it a love/love, hate/hate, or hate to love kind of situation?

We would love to know traditions from our listeners in other countries!

Aaron discusses his childhood traditions as well as his current traditions for him and his husband. Since they are both teachers, they like to celebrate on the first day that they are free from school by opening presents with their 3 dogs. We also celebrate Aaron’s birthday!

So, no matter how you define family we hope that you were all feeling the love from our “crazy family” to each of you.

That is what this time of year is about. Community and re-kindling lost friendships and welcoming new things into your life.


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We will catch you on the next podcast!

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