Episode 36: Who’s The Crew Outside the Woo?

Hello Friends! Join the Crew and get to know us all just a little better! Believe it or not, woo is not the only thing we are into. Most of us have interesting hobbies or other businesses that we run outside of the podcast. Although many of us will admit, all the woo-woo stuff is…

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Episode 32: Nerd Alert

So, what do you nerd out on?! Join Alexandra, Brenda, Aaron, and Chandra as we discuss both our muggle nerd outs and our spiritual nerd outs! What do you nerd out over? Share on our social media pages! We would love to hear about your obsessions both in the spiritual realm and in life in…

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Episode 30: Where in the World is the Woo Crew?

Where in the World has the Woo Crew been all summer?! Grab your favorite beverage and settle in for a catch up session! See where we have been traveling, both actual travel and our healing journey. Alexandra has been through a lot of change with the passing of her much loved and missed father. Aaron…

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