40: Hand That Girl A Mic🎙️🎧

She started out as an Ohm-G podcast listener, and liked what she heard.  She bought us a bottle here and there, and kept on listening.  She then got a “Superwitch” membership, and now our #1 fan has morphed into a full-fledged podcast member. I’m delighted to introduce you to our new friend and podcast partner, Lynn!

Lynn has the coolest cottage this side of Salem, Massachusetts.  Every crystal you can imagine, all meticulously placed in each nook and cranny of her home.   Then there’s “Roy”, the lifesize skeleton who resides in the upstairs window, facing the Main Street of her tiny town.  Roy dresses up for any and all special occasions:  Halloween, Christmas, Mardi Gras, you name it!  Roy’s seasonal stylings are admired and checked on by the town locals. 

Lynn didn’t grow up in these parts, but she originated just 2 states below us, adding another Southern Witch to our coven.  She has lived in the Piedmont Triad for several decades now. A friend of hers told her about the Ohm-G Podcast, so Lynn tuned in.  She then decided to check out the “Woo Woo Wisdom” live readings on Instagram.  Some months later, Lynn was at a Cacao Ceremony in Winston Salem, when she glanced across the room and immediately recognized Brenda Sue!  Lynn said she was in total “Fangirl Mode”, and engaged her in conversation.  When Lynn eventually submitted a question to Chandra & Brenda for the session, she knew they were legit when her Grandma Ruby came through loud and clear.  (Since Lynn plans to write a newsletter or two in the future, I do not doubt that you will hear more about Grandma Ruby!)

Lynn not only has her own “muggle” business, she also uses her woo-superpowers on the side. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, an Akashic records reader, and a highly-skilled intuitive.  Need I mention oracle and tarot cards???  The Ohm-G group can definitely attest to her work and we five-star-recommend it.   Lynn has joined us in spirit circles, random activities, field trips, and pagan celebrations over the past few months, sharing her magic and her dynamic & hysterical personality.

Tune in to the Ohm-G Podcast next month to hear the official introduction.  In the meantime, feel free to reach out to Lynn and schedule a personal session: Enchanted Lynn on Instagram or J. Lynn Green on Facebook.  Wishing all of you a colorful and bewitching October!



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