Episode 14: Easter – Which came first? Easter or Chocolate Bunnies?

Join the crew of Ohm-g as we discuss the origins of Easter. Alexandra shares a brief history on the significance of the symbols of Easter and how it was originally the pagan holiday that celebrated the Germanic goddess Eostre on the spring equinox. So, Christianity created their own holiday to replace the pagan traditions as they were indoctrinating civilization. Fun fact guys, Easter this year is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. Look at everyone celebrating the phases of the moon. 

Riddle us this, what do bunnies, baby chicks, and dyeing eggs have to do with the Christian holiday of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Easter or Eostre is the celebration of spring, of fertility, and the new life that comes. Hello, bunnies….need I say more? Dyeing the eggs pastel colors represents the soft colors of spring as the flowers bloom and the grass begins its fresh new growth from the dormant winter months. Which came first, the goddess or the Easter bunny? I am proud to report that the goddess came first!

We had a great time discussing our personal traditions or lack thereof. Young Aaron and Camille always had haaaamm (yes, that is a multi-syllable word in the South) for their Easter feast and learn from Camille about the hilarious tradition of grannie’s Banana Salad? Rosalie grew up Catholic and did all of the traditional Catholic mass things, while Aaron reminisced on the joy of Easter morning baskets with plastic grass and a budderfanger (you will have to listen to his pronunciation to understand my misspelling). His mamma used to put together an outstanding Easter basket for them every year.

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