Episode 15: Mission Intuition

Join the Woo Crew as we delve into our personal story of intuition development and when we first knew we were aware of spirit.

Chandra kicks off the conversation with her story. As a kids, she just knew things. She didn’t know how she knew but she just knew. This is Chandra’s primary way to receive messages, through Claircognizance. Chandra also gets messages through dreams at time. As an adult, she had experienced a death in her family and was scrolling Facebook and came upon a free 3-day class on manifestation. She then decided to take it further, and took a class on connecting with her spirit guides.

Brenda shares her experience of seeing spirit when she was a kid, she was terrified of the things she saw because she was raised believing that all things of spirit was the devil. Brenda’s journey has developed over her adulthood with energy healing and mediumship. Her primary was of receiving messages is Clairvoyance. 

Let’s chat about Spirit Circles. This is a great way to develop your intuition in a safe environment. Alexandra shared her first spirit circle with the Woo Crew. She says it is a great confirmation to share with each other in a circle when other people see the same thing. Having a woo trusted community is great for development.

Rosalie is a physical channeler. Her journey began when her children were seeing “shadow man” in their home. Her desire to help her children led her down the path of spiritual discovery. 

Alexandra shares the story behind her favorite saying, “be curious” about everything. She shares her story about asking the hard questions in Sunday School. Your faith doesn’t have to be based on what other people think. Alexandra was an empath as a child. She is an eternal student of learning more and deciding what feels right for her. 

Ally joined us for this episode. Ally has always been terrified of the dark. She would see things in her room at night. She experiences sleep paralysis and still doesn’t completely understand why she has those experiences. She is definitely an empath and clairvoyant. 

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