Episode 19: Akashic Records with Special Guest Melissa Sparrow

Hello Ohm-g’ers and welcome to this episode. We are excited to welcome our first international guest, Melissa Sparrow. Join the crew as we discuss the Akashic records. What are they? How do we access them to heal in this lifetime? Melissa answers all of your burning questions.

If you enjoyed this show then join us for the next show which will be all about Light Language Healing with Melissa. 

Tune in to the show to get all of the truly fascinating details on understanding your own akashic records! If you were as fascinated as we all were and you want to delve into your own Akashic records to heal in this lifetime, then please connect with Melissa on her Instagram page @melissasparrowhealing. You can also book your own appointment on her website (melissasparrow.com/links).

We will catch you on the next podcast!

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