Episode 2: Energy Workers Unite

We have a great guest on the podcast. Lisa Lucario is with the Woo Crew to talk about energy work, imposter syndrome and more. She’d had never had an energy work session, so she tried it out, and is sharing her feedback.

Lisa is like most of us, dealing with lots of things at once, and she shares her journey. She’s leaving her teaching position and considering other big life changes. During the session she tried to keep her mind focused on positive things.

What to expect from an energy session?
1) Be open to Spirit
2) Have an open mind about what may come up
3) Ask for help, admit what’s going on

Learn how living with chaos (or grief, or pain etc.) can become the comfort when it’s what you’ve known for so long. Hear how you can break the pattern that keeps you going back to where you feel safe, even when it’s not serving you.

What happens when we shift our identity?

When change and growth happen, it can bring up feelings of fear and uncertainty. Our egos become attached to “who we are” based on what we do. The crew discuss how this shows up in several ways.

How can you achieve balance?

Life requires both chaos and change with stillness and acceptance. How do you go from pushing against what you don’t want to openly receiving what you do want? The crew has you covered here!

It’s not your job to keep others in their comfort zone. What? This is where the whole crew has some helpful advice. Aaron channeled his inner Oprah for you and Chandra shared a card from her new oracle deck St. Germaine shared the message and Brenda shares how he has also showed up around the topic of karma releasing.

Good reminder that it’s time to let go of what’s not working. It’s okay to grow and move on. It’s also okay if others don’t understand or prefer you not change. That’s their journey. Camille reminds us it’s perfectly okay to do you!

What does it mean to show up?

The whole crew share great insights here. What does it take to be present for yourself and others? Guest Lisa and Aaron both share touching stories about how they showed up for their students.

What does showing up that look like for you?


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