Episode 24: Crystal Queens

Join the Crew of Ohm-g Podcast as we gather to discuss all things crystal and our blatant obsession with them! We discuss our individual experience with crystals. Which ones speak to us and how we work with them in either our work place, our home, or on our body! We are not experts by any…

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Episode 11: Good Grief

In this episode the Woo Crew welcomes special guest Ellie McFalls to talk about grief in a light hearted informative manner. Ellie is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist with the Grief Recovery Program, Hypnotherapist and EFT (also known as tapping) Practitioner. Brenda, Camille and Rosalie have had the pleasure of working with Ellie and will…

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Episode 2: Energy Workers Unite

We have a great guest on the podcast. Lisa Lucario is with the Woo Crew to talk about energy work, imposter syndrome and more. She’d had never had an energy work session, so she tried it out, and is sharing her feedback. Lisa is like most of us, dealing with lots of things at once,…

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