Episode 25: Can I See Uranus?

Join the Crew of Ohm-g Podcast as we gather to discuss the big 3 astrological placements!

Here is a little background. When Chandra and Brenda started to do LIVE oracle readings on social media every Friday morning they had a troll who would ask, “Can I see URANUS?” Obviously we couldn’t resist that inside joke when it came to titling the recording of this episode.

Camille, our resident astrology nerd in the Crew, gives us a brief overview of the big 3!

Sun sign.
Moon sign.
Rising sign.

How do these astrological placements make up your personality? We discuss the many complexities of our astrological charts and let me tell you; we were just dipping our toes in the water. Have a listen and look up your chart! Co-Star is a favorite free app of the podcast! I smell a Part 2 coming soon!

See you in the next episode.


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