Episode 5: Where Are My Guides

This episode is a GPS to your spirit guides!

How do you know if you have guides?

Is there a difference between my guardian angel and my spirit guides?

Can I communicate with my guides?

The Crew is talking about all of it.

If this is new to you, don’t fret. We’ll explain the concept and also talk about how traditional religious principles, like the holy spirit mentioned in the Bible, are all connected.

Camille talks about her non-sexual soulmates. Do you have people in your life that may not be in the day to day, but you can always connect with? People are in our life for a reason. Some are just here for a season, and others are meant to be part of our journey for life.

Aaron shares a personal story about finding his guide/s and how it appeared to him. One of the ways to connect with your guides is through guided meditations. It creates a space and a place for them to communicate with you.

Chandra mentions that not everyone will “see” their guides the way that Aaron does. If that’s you, you aren’t wrong. You will likely get your messages another way. She explains how she communicates with her guides even though she doesn’t see them.

Alexandra shares her nervousness when she began learning these concepts. That’s also okay!

The way you interact with your guides, is the way that feels right to you in the moment. It may not always be the same. As you grow, and change, your guides will as well. Intention is also key. Your guides get to know you and your intentions.

Hear the discussion around different ways guides appear. The crew believe that their guides have had a human experience in the past, and understand the world we live in.

Brenda shares how she feels connected to angels. Hear how she calls on angels and ascended beings in her energy work. She also pulls a card for each person in the group! We bet one of these messages will also resonate with you too.

Oracle Cards can be a way to help you connect with your guides. You can use the cards to help confirm a message, or as a way to get an answer to something specific.

The group shares how messages show up for them and how they have learned to trust when they arrive. They remind us that some lessons aren’t about what is, but what isn’t. Your guides can help you with clarity. When you get clear about what you don’t want, it’s then easier to see clearly what you do want.

Clarity and certainty help you guides help you. Chandra reminds us that we don’t need to know the “how”. We can trust that the path will unfold as we need.

Final thoughts: Your guides are always helping and working towards your best interest. Trust and know that. It doesn’t mean that disappointment or difficult things won’t happen. It does mean that they are there helping you on the journey.

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