Episode 6: The Kids are Alright

Are the kids alright?

Aaron is joined by Mr. Jacobs another teacher, along with some of their students. Being a teenager has always been a time of highs and lows. Today’s kids are dealing with the challenges of an always “on” world and a pandemic. The crew is checking into see how they are really doing.

Tik Tok was the first topic of discussion. The popular social media site has started a “wave” of pranks. Essentially students are sharing videos of themselves vandalizing their school by taking the soap dispenser in the school restroom.

The kids are finishing up 8th grade and going to high school next year. They have some sound wisdom and suggestions that apply to lots of situations.

Mr. Jacobs is the cool teacher! He shares that it’s okay to not know who you are and give yourself time to grow into the person you want to be. Aaron shares how this happened for him as well.

Brenda asks how the girls deal with and manage stress. Again, they share insightful responses. Clearly these kids know a thing or two about staying in the moment.

Don’t miss the poetry!

That opened up a conversation about self-expression. Mr. Jacobs talked about allowing his students the opportunity to express themselves and have conversations. Aaron also talked about how the need for community is a bigger than ever after all the COVID restrictions.

He also explained that he wants his class to be a safe space. He provides a way for students to write about what’s on their mind in a safe, confidential way. Even though he sees his students each day, it’s just a small part of their life. He acknowledged that some students need a way to let someone else know what is happening.

Rosalie made necklaces for everyone! Hear how each stone has specific properties. She shared that touching a stone when you are feeling stressed reminds us that there is support that is always with us.

No is a complete sentence and Aaron reminds us that it’s okay to say no and have boundaries. That’s advice that all of us can use.

Everyone agreed that feeling heard is important. The kids shared that some of their teachers talk to them with a condescending tone and some make a connection. They talk about the pressure to get good grades, and do a great job on every assignment.

Hear the great conversation about grades verses effort. These kids are smart! Anyone can relate to putting forward our best effort knowing it may not always mean the highest grade or positive evaluation by others.

These kids really are alright!


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