Episode 61: WooWoo Wisdom 5.12.2023

Ohm-g Podcast members, Brenda and Chandra, do oracle card readings for friends and fans of the podcast. It was so good to be back after a two week break and we were so blessed to have everyone back joining it live!! Lots of great questions from the community, but there were some reoccurring themes. Spirit wants us to know we are in a time of transformation, a leveling up of sorts. Dragonfly and Butterfly came up several times. Also the themes of Failure, Envy, and Grief. Spirit wants us to know that during this transformative time, we need to be dealing with and releasing the lower vibration emotions and limiting beliefs so we are ready to embrace whatever abundance that next level us has in store.

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2:26 Roxanne
9:25 Lisa
17:00 Ruthanne
23:57 Mira
30:16 Sally
35:26 Shaun
42:28 Karin
46:09 SacredMeow
49:20 OceanHappy
52:00 Renata
56:20 Collene