spirit experience

Episode 53: OHM-G! It’s Joanna the Healer

Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or just found us a few episodes ago, you know that the whole Crew is obsessed with Joanna the Healer from YouTube and she’s been the ultimate guest wish from episode 1. Most, if not all of us, listen to her new messages or channelings every week.  …

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Episode 52: Free Radicals

I think we all can agree the energy in the collective is intense right now.  There are a lot of people awakening and a lot of shadow work being done.  Also, it seems like time itself is speeding up and there is this collective pressure (most likely self imposed) to push forward at a faster…

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Episode 51: The Spirit Circle Experience

As spiritually minded souls who have realized that we agreed to come to Earth School and learn some lessons and to remember how to remember… We all want to raise our vibration and have a more clear relationship with Source and our higher selves.  That is the foundation on which we base the rest of…

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