35: Signs. Signs. Everywhere a Sign 🚸🚧

Hello my precious friends. Chandra here this week and I want to ask you a question… Do you consider your life magical? Seriously! Most of us would probably say, “Not really,” We get caught up in the routine of living in the physical world. Wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, sleep, and…

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34: When Enough is ENOUGH! 💟🌝

Hey sweet souls – Aaron here, Happy Summer Solstice! I know I have talked in the past about my writing. I am my own worst critic and so often I talk myself out of sitting down and just doing the damn thing. My thoughts spiral and I begin to self-sabotage with intrusions like: Who is…

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33: What in the Stagnation?! 🚧😖🐞🚧

Hello beautiful friends of the Ohm-g community. This is Brenda Sue here and it has been some time since I sat down to write a newsletter. I am also a day late and as it feels, a dollar short. But I’m not going to call in that energy. So, what do you do when you…

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