34: When Enough is ENOUGH! 💟🌝

Hey sweet souls – Aaron here,

Happy Summer Solstice!

I know I have talked in the past about my writing. I am my own worst critic and so often I talk myself out of sitting down and just doing the damn thing. My thoughts spiral and I begin to self-sabotage with intrusions like: Who is even going to read your work? You’re not going to make money off of it. Publishing this or submitting that to a publication won’t get you an agent or on Oprah’s book club, etc.

My inner critic is a total ass hole!

With the help of mindfulness practice, a supportive community of close family and friends who are willing to read my work, and my amazing therapist, I’ve come to realize how awful I talk to myself sometimes. Especially surrounding self worth and writing.

When thinking of a topic for today’s newsletter, I needed some inspiration. So, I consulted the cards! Duh. I shuffled and pulled from Yasmin Boland’s Moonology deck and you’ll never guess what I pulled! The Full Moon in Virgo card. It’s message? You Are Enough. Okay, JEEZ spirit – making me get out my tissues and shit.

This week in particular, I’ve been battling with self worth and feeling good enough around my writing. In a recent spirit circle with the girls, something awful came up from my past that they helped me heal and I felt led to write a poem about it. After both the energy healing (thank you, Witches!) and the cathartic writing, I don’t feel it lingering in my body anymore. My muscles no longer carry the weight of that memory, of that trauma. Afterwards, I sat down and compiled 30 poems total (feeling very fitting that I turned 30 back in December) and have officially self-published my third poetry collection titled My Husband and Dogs Are Waiting at Home.

Due to printing issues, it could take up to 3 – 4 more days for it to be available in paperback/print. However, the digital ebook and Kindle edition are available right now for those interested in supporting my work. My other two poetry collections are also available: Nobody’s Crying (2017) and The Long Ride Home (2019) on Amazon. If you are interested in following more of my work, books I’m reading, and whatever random thoughts I have, follow me on Instagram: @anonymouslyaaronreads

This collection is something I am so proud of and can’t wait for it to land in reader’s hands. Maybe it will reach someone in the publishing industry and take me somewhere. Maybe it won’t. Either way is okay because it’s what the universe has planned for me. For now, I’m going to be happy and proud of myself and enjoy having my small community of loved ones read my work. I can’t think of much more that is as special or intimate as that. I am enough and so are you, sweet soul!

With love,


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