1: The FIRST of it’s kind 🎉

Let’s talk DREAMS, because man, they have been crazy lately. I am a person that dreams on a pretty regular basis. Most of the time I either forget them the minute I roll over or they are super vivid and stick with me. This week has been that kind of week. 

For the last week, I have been having “visitation” dreams.  It kicked off last week with a very vivid dream about my grandmother. I was standing on her front porch and looking in the door. She was just inside the door in a standing wheelchair (she was in a wheelchair while she was on the earth plane), she was wearing a powder pink sweat suit and had a yellow cat walking around and on her. She was smiling at me and I felt the rush of love that I felt for her on this plane. She didn’t speak, nor did I. I walked away from her and had the thought that I should visit her more often because she wasn’t going to be around forever. Then I was hit with the sinking emotion that I knew she was no longer in her physical body. This then prompted me to think that I should visit my own parents more often as they are aging and won’t be around forever. So, of course, I try to listen to my nudges and decided to go visit my parents. I did not tell my mother about the dreams I had been having because they don’t believe in an afterlife. My mother proceeded to pull out all of these old pictures of my grandmother (you can’t tell me my grandmother wasn’t orchestrating all of that). I might add here that my mother never pulls out old pictures, at one point in our childhood she decided to de-clutter and threw out many of our family pictures. As we were looking through the pictures I was overcome with emotion and thought about how much my grandmother would have loved to have been able to be more active with her great grandchildren but couldn’t because of being restricted to a  wheelchair and walker. I remember my grandmother as this strong and vibrant woman who had taught me so many life lessons about compassion and about taking pride in the things you do. In that moment, my mother and I were able to connect in our love and appreciation and yes, even grief over the loss of her physical presence. My grandmother definitely had a hand in creating that moment for both of us.

Several nights after this dream I dreamed of my aunt. I was not terribly close to her but I do have very distinct memories of her smile. She became very ill at the end of her life and was a shadow of her former self when she passed away over a year ago. In my dream I was standing in my grandmother’s house (not the aforementioned grandmother) in the front bedroom. When I was younger this room was painted a dark purple and it was a dark room in general. In my dream the room was painted a pastel green, it was lovely and bright. On the wall there was a painting, a massive floor to ceiling oil on canvas painting. My aunt was in the painting wearing a beautiful floral antebellum style dress and as I looked at her she started moving, as if she was posing in different positions. She was smiling and beautiful, her smile was as I remembered it. We didn’t speak but I felt like it was once again, a visitation from family. 

It should also be noted that I don’t generally have dreams about loved ones in spirit so to have these 2 dreams within 4 days of each other got my attention. 

Several nights later I had another dream about my grandfather. To put this “dream” in context I will share a little backstory around my grandfather. I would never have said I was very close to him growing up because we lived in another state until I was 12 years old.  After he passed away I had two dreams with him. The first was just a sweet dream where we were all sitting in the living room together and he told me he loved me and that was that. Then he came to me in another dream shortly after that and he was much younger and looked different but I knew it was him. He rang the door at his old house and I answered. He told me that he wouldn’t see me for a while but that he loved me. That dream was 17 or more years ago and indeed I have not seen him or really felt his presence like I do with my grandmother. My thought was that he had work to do and he would be busy in the spirit world. Imagine my surprise, after all of these years. We are standing in a foyer type of room with swinging doors on both sides. He walks in the door and smiles at me. He tells me he is there to take a young boy home. This young boy was handicapped and I knew somehow he was there for him. He exited the opposite door almost as fast as he had arrived. I feel that my grandfather was in training to help the souls of mentally handicapped people cross over to the other side. I feel like he was showing me what he is doing now. 

As I woke up that next morning I felt totally thrown off center. My Gemini thinking mind was like, what just happened?! Why have I had 3 visits from ancestors in such a short time frame when I very rarely ever have dreams about them. I think my grandfather is the only one I have ever dreamed of. This sets me on a mission to talk to all of my friends about it and get their take. I was speaking with a close friend who is also a medium and she asked me if I had thought about doing anything with Hospice again. That is a story in and of itself to be told at a later time. I packed that thought away in the back of my mind. Yesterday was the 2-22-22 portal which was a weird day energetically. I was reading something about how it was the beginning of a new cycle, the death of the old ways. This of course had me thinking about my dreams and death. How we have been collectively going through a period of grief. What should appear to me today you ask? One of my favorite podcasts and the subject was grief (side note: A Psychic’s Story podcast has some great content, I highly recommend it). The woman being interviewed had worked for Hospice and was also able to communicate with spirit. I might also add that our own episode that comes out tomorrow is all about grief as well. So the timing of it all is uncanny is it not?! Oh, and I started a new job working with an attorney who specializes in Estate Planning, again, people going through the grieving process.

Spirit, hello, are these breadcrumbs that I should follow? Grief counseling? Mediumship? Should I combine these two parts of myself to help others? Sure there will be a follow up to this at some point. 

With all of that being said, we are in a powerful time on this planet in these bodies. There are days that nothing makes sense, there are days that everything falls into perfect alignment and you revel in the pure connection of all things. Buckle up friends and stay connected to spirit, whatever that looks like for you. Things are about to speed up and get real interesting.

Love to you all!
Brenda Sue Jean Louise Jolene III