Episode 66: A Charmed Life

Of course we are all trying to manifest a better life. To attract to us the life of our dreams and pursue our passion. In becoming aware of your vibrational state as you try to manifest, have you ever caught yourself looking back?

Can you remember a time when you saw yourself as very low emotionally but that was still a time when wonderful things came into your life. And you wonder, how did I manifest that then?

The Crew discusses how they have all had periods in their lives when they were sure they weren’t consciously manifesting but it still felt like they were leading a charmed life. The universe was putting all the puzzle pieces in place and circumstances still seemed to be aligning in their favor.

Was it trust, divine intervention, or something else? In this episode we debate some of the events we think were happening at that time that led to the charmed life we all now see in retrospect. 


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