19: The Needs of the One💆‍♀️

Hello Everyone!

Your crew member Brenda Sue here ☺ 

Today I am sitting on my porch, the weather is amazing. How is it in the upper 70’s in early November?!! Well, me and my dogs are soaking up the warmth and the sunshine!  As I tune into my Guides/Source, I ask for guidance on what message would be helpful for whoever stumbles across this letter.. I hear the word “healing” and a warm and gentle sensation comes over my whole being. I further tune into the message and I am reminded of my own healing session this past weekend. I was supposed to do my 3rd Kambo Ceremony but my soul and spirit was saying no. I felt the need to be nurtured and just to relax into my own body. I had spent the last week processing some emotional family stuff and over analyzing and being critical of myself. Carly Sink is a beautiful healer and plant medicine woman here in our area and she set up my healing space with such tender care. Sometimes you need the medicine of Kambo to strip down to deep layers to reveal to you the work that needs to be done and sometimes you need the soft gentle nurturing energy of Mother Earth. On this day I needed to be tended to and nurtured. After our session I felt such a need to go into the forest, to further sink into the nurturing spirit of the Earth, to be surrounded by the trees and just to be with myself. The message coming through from my helpers on the other side is reminding all of you to be gentle with yourself. Tap into your intuition and ask your body and your soul what you need to feed you on your path and in the moment. It feels like the energy around us is so turbulent and “thick” right now and self-care is of utmost importance. I decided to draw a card for us and funny enough, I took this same deck with me for my healing session and Carly pulled this card for herself and I think it is for all of us. The card was The Eternal Child Card and this is what it tells us:

“The Eternal Child is connected to the timeless, ageless, and infinite aspects of life. It is radiant and fearless and seeks joy above all else and at any cost. It struggles being bound to an aging body with physical limitations in a world that demands attention to detail and logistics. The Eternal Child wants to nix all rules and responsibilities and go beyond what others say is possible. It wants to return (with plenty of friends) to the land of the free, where divine wine and creativity pour from the earth and sky. We all want a sip from the well of eternal youth…and this makes The Eternal Child naturally popular, perhaps even famous. The Eternal Child glimmers. It reminds us of what is possible, what is magical about this precious life.”

Love to you all!
Brenda Sue Jean Louise Jolene III