36: A Tale of Two Worlds, Two Spirits, and one Ohm-G😇

Hello again beautiful souls,

Lisa L. here and the crew allowed me to take the reigns on the newsletter this week… So hold on!

Seven years ago, I got a wild hair and followed my bestie to North Carolina from Texas, where I had lived my entire life. Mid-life crisis or bad breakup? Maybe – but either way I was off to a new state I had never even visited and leaving one I thought I never would. No job secured, no friends or family in this new place other than Camille. Some called this crazy, others called it brave, I called it Spirit.

Having met my BFF at age 10, we seemed to recognize each other (friendship soul mates?). Even as kids we felt like we had been sisters in another lifetime. This has since been confirmed by random readings. She is the main reason I’ve discovered so many facets of that which we call The Woo. Cam was the first one to dip her toe into the pool of astrology and has taught me so much for 40+ years now. Concepts of reiki, sage, crystals, spirit guides, oracle cards, and most recently a form of hypnosis called QHHT. (More on THAT in a future podcast!) It was all so very DIFFERENT than what I was used to. This new information has slowly changed how I see myself, others, and the world.

I was raised by a huge group of Sicilian-Catholics & Irish-Episcopals, all of whom were loud and opinionated. (Surely my Aries-packed chart equipped me to deal with this!). Food and love sprinkled with plenty of guilt and drama were the fabric of my life. To this day, I still cross my chest and forehead for the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and most likely this same upbringing that helped me to step out in faith and move 1200 miles away from everything I knew. Yet these days when I pray – when I get through talking to my spirit guides, and after meditating, I close with the same tenacious trinity. Go figure!

The biggest lesson for me while living in two worlds was learning not to sacrifice the times when you feel that you are your best or highest self. I did that as a Woo Newbie – big mistake. During my dating life (and then my married life), I attempted to squash my intuitive gifts and all the woo wisdom I obtained. It got me where I did not want to be…miserable, confused and at my lowest point in life.

Would God want me to hate myself? No!

Would my highest self want me to be something I am not? No!

Would all the crystals in the Carolinas make the man I married grow up? Oh, Hell No!

At the end of my marriage, I realized that Archangels, Ancestors and Palo Santo were better protection than he ever was, so back into the Woo I went! I clicked my Tiger’s Eye earrings three times, and I was back in Kansas. Metaphorically of course, haven’t been there yet.

The basic culture of Woo simply allows me to exist in both worlds. Now my biggest struggle is “Is this really my highest self? or “Am I being a doormat?” or “Girl, is this what the pope wants you to do??!!”

For me, it has been a portal of self-discovery. I’ve learned a lot about myself through heartache and laughter. And by looking into mirrors held up by others who have shown me what my gifts are, especially regarding intuition.

These others would be The Ohm-G Crew, and I have had the privilege of being a guest on their podcast several times. Even though I found myself back in Texas for more life lessons, these folks have embraced me and taught me that I can have my feet in both worlds while I continue to grow myself spiritually and respectfully at my own pace.

I can laugh in both worlds.

I can visit both worlds.

I can be loved, and I can bloom in both worlds, regardless of where I’m standing.

My point (and I do have one!) is this: Spirit will always take you where you’re meant to be, even if it takes a crazy route through Catholicism, Colfax, Conroe and back to the Carolinas. When you are home, you will know it intuitively. Whether it’s finding peace within yourself, or clutching your pearls over your love and your horror of kids. (Yes, I am an Educator). It may be in the form of having a dear friend or a gifted stranger give you an honest reading about what a turd your spouse really is. You could even find yourself holding a rose quartz in a log cabin built in 1776, or sitting in a Spirit Circle learning about Sasquatch – but you will ALWAYS get to where you need to be…every time, and that is what I call Spirit.

Looking forward to my next episode with you and the crew,

Lisa Lucario

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