37: Teacher, Teacher 🚌

Hello friends,

Rosalie here and I am sitting in front of the computer in a panic. I’m typing as fast as my little fingers will allow me. I just realized it was my turn to write the newsletter this week! I was at a loss for a topic but my inner voice kept saying just sit down and write.

So, of course, I went and pulled out an oracle deck for inspiration. I chose one I haven’t used in a while by Kyle Gray: Gateway of Light Activation Oracle. The art work in this deck is very galactic and other worldly. Probably why I gravitated to it 🙂

I drew the card of Thoth. Thoth is the Ibis headed god of writing, divine magic and the moon. He is the sacred scribe who invented writing and hieroglyphics in the Egyptian universe. He is also a master teacher of the stars. Thoth can help activate the Light Codes within us. Last night was the full Sturgeon Moon, the first of two full moons in August so obviously there has been a lot of attention paid to the night sky recently. I guess Thoth noticed.

Thoth’s primary teaching is spiritual integrity. He helps those struggling on their spiritual path to rise above the things that are holding them back from making progress. He also helps awaken the teacher within you. If Thoth chooses to work with you he is preparing you to lead and teach from a place of love. Obviously we need a lot more love in the world right now!

I have been struggling with what my next chapter will be. My children are grown and finding their own paths. I need to find my own path now that I have time to do the things I truly wish to do. Making jewelry is one of my great loves. I love growing herbs, flowers and vegetables in my garden. Practicing Reiki is also important to me and I would love to become a master/teacheri.

I guess I need to start paying attention to all the signs Spirit has been throwing at me to find a way to be a teacher again. So, hopefully I can find a way to combine the things I love in a cohesive way… and Get To It.

With lots of love and light (codes),

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