4: Poetry, Face-Masks, & Inspiration⚡

Hello dear ones, 

It’s Aaron from the Ohm-G Podcast coming to you live having just read some poetry from the brilliant Ocean Vuong, with two drinks in my system (*gasp*) and a lavender face mask helping to tingle my skin and rejuvenate my pores (according to the packaging). 

As I am beginning to relax, I am thinking about the feeling of inspiration. 

What inspires you to create?

Maybe it’s nature, literature, art, dance, community, partnership and love, music, delicious food, visiting a new place for the first time, hearing the birds sing and watching the flowers bloom during this beautiful season that we’re experiencing. 

I personally find inspiration from solitude and meditation (especially in nature), music, and literature. We (the podcast squad) recently recorded an episode, look out for it in the coming weeks, about inspirational books that sparked our interest or helped us to feel validated within our intuition and along our spiritual journey. 

This week on my way to work, I stopped for coffee and the girl in front of me had forgotten her reusable cup, so she ran out to her car to get it while I waited in line, saving her spot.

She came back in, ordered her drink and then turned to me and said, “Please let me buy your drink. Most people would not have saved my spot in line and I really appreciate it.”

There was some back and forth wherein I insisted that she didn’t need to do that and I finally agreed at her continued reassurance. 

I told her that I’m a middle school teacher and that this past couple of weeks have been incredibly difficult and that she just made my morning. She smiled, touched my arm, and said, “Thank you so much for what you do. Don’t ever let any parents, kids, or principals discourage you from fulfilling part of your purpose.” 

Her words and actions, a total stranger, left me feeling inspired. 

Even when we are tired, people still can see and feel our light. 

Even when we’re overwhelmed and exhausted, people can see and feel our light. 

Even when we’re feeling uninspired, people can still see and feel our light.

So, I ask again, what inspires you to create? Tap into that today. Set some time aside for yourself to feel inspired. Then, share that inspiration with a loved one.

Back in February, Me, Alexandra, and Christian, along with three of our friends, had a “GALentines day” dinner at a nice restaurant. That experience with those people left me feeling inspired, and as part of my “gift” to each of the attendees, I shared a playlist that I created with songs by artists I love (mostly related to love or loss). Here is a link to that playlist and I hope that you check it out and enjoy it, too. 

May we all feel inspired today. With all of my love and gratitude.