Episode 1: Meet the Woo Crew

Meet the people behind the voices of this incredible new podcast. After supporting one another the past 18 months or so, it became clear that a little bit of magic happens when this crew gathers around the table to talk and drink and talk a bit more.

Camille shares how she found herself asking big life questions a few years ago. She’s a fan of astrology and the spirit world and is up for conversations about all of it.

Next up is Chandra, a North Carolina native who’s been on her spiritual-seeking journey for a few years as well. She credits the Woo Crew for helping her enjoy the process of learning about her intuitive gifts.

Rosalie is the West-Coast transplant. She’s interested in herbal healing, crystals, and reiki. She brings her calm energy and insights to the group and is never too far from a few healing crystals for good measure.

Aaron the empath is the only guy lucky enough to be on the show. He’s always known he was intuitive. As a young kid, he was labeled sensitive and tried to downplay it but no more! He’s a teacher and his peers call him the “counselor” because kids come to him with their issues, recognizing that he’s there to help.

At age 7 Alexandra realized that traditional religion didn’t fit her. She calls the group her soul tribe. She’s no longer on the path alone and is learning all she can about tarot, crystals and of course, tapping into her intuition.

Best for last! Brenda Sue Jean Louise Jolene III joins us. You can just call her Brenda Sue for short. She loves all the woo things.

How did the Crew begin?

Brenda met Rosalie and Camille when she was a massage therapist. She knew those two people needed to meet. Chandra met Camille when they both took the same online course! They lived 5 minutes away from each other – it was definitely meant to be.

Chandra wished the group into existence!

She asked the universe to help her find a group of people who wanted to be on this journey with her. Little did she know that Brenda was already creating a group of like-minded people and invited her to join.

This group is the safe space to learn and share. No question is out of bounds, and no judgement either. This crew believes that everyone is doing the best they can and accepts everyone as they are.

This podcast is for anyone who wants to learn, have fun and be part of this vibration-raising energy an d like-minded community.


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We will catch you on the next podcast!

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