Episode 12: Witch, Please!

Join the crew of Ohm-g Podcast as we discuss the origins of the word “witch” and how we relate to it.

Historically, the word witch is neither male nor female, but is typically used when referring to a female.  Witch is defined as “the wise one”, clever or “to know”. This led to the belief that seeing the future was a talent of the witch.

Brenda asks the question, “When did being a witch become so demonized?” In the 1500’s, it was said that all “witches” were performing a craft to inflict harm on others. Enter the witch hunt. Anyone “practicing” was lumped in one big group and burned or drowned for their “crime”.

There are so many ways that we create witchcraft every day. Is asking a higher being for help with something a craft to manifest? As another example, cooking is mixing ingredients and herbs in a pot, adding energy to transform them into something completely different. How is that not witchcraft?

Brenda loves the book The Green Witch and it describes how she has always connected with nature and animals. For her, the forest is her church and nature her religion.

Alexandra makes a great point that being a spiritual person doesn’t mean that you must be a witch. We are simply trying to de-funk and de-bunk the stigma around the word.

So, how do we come together and not create separation through a “word?” The key word is “respect.” By finding ways that we can agree we find common ground and create community. Be open to curiosity. If this word triggers you, then get curious about why. Is it an old story? Is it a previous lifetime?

Finally, being triggered is not bad. It helps us notice something in ourselves that we may need to examine. Everyone is on their own timeline so give yourself and others grace in their process. By getting to the root of the trigger we understand more about ourselves.


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