Episode 13: The Sh!t I’ve Seen – Part 2

Grab a cup of tea, prosecco, or whatever your beverage preference may be and join this prosecco laden episode as we re-count stories of sights we’ve seen from “the other side.”

Chandra kicks off story time with something that happened as we were all gathering to record. Do you ever smell something that obviously is not physically around you? Well this happened to us. We smelled a strong coffee smell and we had not just ground our coffee beans or been to the local coffee shop. We were all trying to figure out what had happened. Who knows, maybe Camille picked up a stray spirit hitch hiker who appreciated her amazing Prius MPG and loved a good gas station coffee.

Brenda recounts stories from her kids younger days when they would describe things seen in their rooms to her. Children typically are more open to spirit, both lower vibrational and high vibrating spirit. If your child comes to you telling you that they are seeing spirit, help them. Help them understand what is happening and how to protect their energy from things that don’t feel good for them. Sometimes things are just scary because you are a kid and things are actually scary because they are low vibrational energy. It is important that you give your children the tools to feel safe and protected. Brenda shared, “Healing my own fear of spirit in turn helped my children to be released from that fear.”

Alexandra shares her encounter with a past life through a painting. She has started seeing blue orbs lately as well. For any of you listening, seeing blue orbs is one common symptom of your intuition is awakening.

Finally, the main takeaway energy is that we, as life forms, have the ability to create our own boundaries and have the experiences that we want to have in this human body. There are many tools that you can use to protect your energy. One tip is surrounding yourself in white light and seeing anything outside of you bouncing off. You can always call in the protection of Archangel Michael, your guardian angels, or whatever you view has higher source energy. 


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