Episode 16: Books That Inspire Us

Join the Woo Crew as we delve into the books that have inspired us during our spiritual journey. Alexandra kicks off our conversation and introduced us to her first oracle deck that was given to her by a friend. Nothing better than a good Oracle deck and Colette Baron-Reid has some great ones, The Wisdom of the Hidden Realms was Alexandra’s first introduction in the woo. Her first book that resonated with her soul was To Walk a Pagan Path. She enjoys reading and putting what she reads into practical use in her life. 

Rosalie discovered that she manifested through creating. We discussed how we manifest the best when we are in a creative zone and just let the energy flow through us. Aaron loved to write as a kid and he wanted to write something when he grew up. He has written two poetry books and is currently working on his first novel. His first impactful book was The Benefits of Being a Wallflower. His other two favorites are Radical Forgiveness and A New Earth. Rosalie decided to re-title “self-help” to “self-discovery”. You heard it here first folks! If you see a member of the Woo Crew creeping around Barnes & Noble changing out the section names just look the other way. 

Brenda brings us back from our break talking about her favorite books. She has a habit of giving away her favorite books but fortunately her friends like the same books so she could bring out a couple of her favorite quotes. The author Paulo Coelho was hugely impactful for her. Two other big books were Untamed and Rise Sister Rise. Well, just read them and let them speak to you. 

We discuss how we never stop growing and learning. How we were raised to believe that we will “arrive” at some place of complete self-fulfillment. At 25 or 30 or whatever it was for you. Life is a never ending journey of learning and growing continually until the day that we go back into spirit.

Check our Brene Brown’s latest book Atlas of the Heart. Aaron shares a quote out of her book. We can only meet each other as much as we have met ourselves. We all have something to share, we all have a story, we all have an inner light that needs to shine. Brenda encourages everyone to rise up and remember who you are.

Aaron share a couple of his poems from his Nobody’s Crying book. Tune in to hear him recite his poems.

We will catch you on the next podcast!

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