Episode 4: The Sh*t I’ve Seen

Let’s talk about some of the CRAZY sh*t we’ve seen since starting our journey with Spirit.

Camille starts with her haunted house story. No really. She has photographic proof! She had a reading and got an earful about “the colonel” who used to live in her home. You’ve got to hear how he shows up.

Brenda has her own ghost story. When she was a child, she had a frightening experience that was so strong, she knows it caused her to shut down her intuition. Later in life, she opened back up to those gifts.

Alexandra explains how she connects with her intuition. She reminds us that it’s important to trust what you see and/or feel and to thank spirit for your messages.

Chandra explains that her guides communicate with her through a knowing and sometimes via external sources. Hear how she asked for and received a guide to help her during a business trip. Can you relate?

Aaron sees with his intuitive eye, it’s more a feeling rather than vision. His story is about the spirit he saw in a vacation home. He outlines multiple sightings. Does this ever happen in your life? Psst . . . he also has photographic evidence.

Rosalie shares her story of astral projection. Many moms may recognize her spirit experience. She also details a hypnosis session that she had and how energy and spirit showed up for her. It involves a past-life experience that she was able to release.

Remember, everyone does not have the gift of clairvoyance. But, that doesn’t mean you are not intuitive; it means you have a different gift.

Do these experiences resonate with you? When you heard them, were you reminded of a similar happening from your life? Do you have a story? Reach out and let the crew know!

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