Episode 58: WooWoo Wisdom 4.7.2023

Ohm-g Podcast members, Brenda and Chandra, do oracle card readings for friends and fans of the podcast. This week started with MAJOR technical difficulties but we persevered and it was so worth it. Spirit cam through for us like they always do if we allow them. There were so many watching live and submitting questions! The interaction felt wonderful and great readings came through. The themes for this week were very obvious. The Life Is Speeding Up card was pulled at least 3 times and rest/sleep also seemed to reoccur. Spirit knows we all feel like time is going by so fast and we have to run to keep up, but they remind us that rest is even more important now than ever.

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5:00 Jenny
10:00 Lisa
16:00 Ruthanne
20:00 Liz
31:00 Mira
40:00 JoJoBug
43:00 Dawn
48:00 Sean