Episode 11: Good Grief

In this episode the Woo Crew welcomes special guest Ellie McFalls to talk about grief in a light hearted informative manner. Ellie is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist with the Grief Recovery Program, Hypnotherapist and EFT (also known as tapping) Practitioner.

Brenda, Camille and Rosalie have had the pleasure of working with Ellie and will talk about their experiences and the benefits of her programs.

Camille starts out with a general question, “What is grief?”

Ellie “Grief is anything you wanted to be different, better, or more.” Anything in your life that didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to or wished you could have done better can be grieved.

Some people think grief is just suffering the loss of a loved one but it is so much more. Death of a person or pet, divorce (death of a relationship), emotional loss (empty nest, retirement), or loss of youth can all trigger grief.

We discuss the symptoms of grief. Most of us are familiar with crying and depression, but there can also be anger, hostility, sleeping all the time/not sleeping, being sick all the time. Being sick is a form of avoidance so that you don’t have to deal with the situation at hand.

Brenda talks about her Grief recovery sessions with Ellie and she says she was surprised by the person she needed to work on in her recovery. She said it was a person that she really loved and admired. Since she went through the program her relationship has shifted and she is able to be more open in conversations and they have been receptive to what she had to say. It has been a healing experience for Brenda. She has more compassion for people and where they are because of their life experiences.

Finally, if you are dealing with grief (disappointment) about anything in your life please reach out to Ellie or do your own research on The Grief Recovery Method. It was truly transformative for the ones of us who have experienced it.

You can contact Ellie McFalls at Masteryworks Inc. masteryworks@aol.com or http://www.masteryworksinc.com


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