Episode 62: Rewriting Your Truth

Ok…now that we’ve identified areas where we may be storing old emotions or traumatic events, how do we go about doing the work to heal them? While no one in this Crew claims to be an expert and we are all still working through our stuff (right, wrong, or indifferent), we still share with you…

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Episode 61: That’s Not the Truth, That’s the Trauma

In this episode the Woo Crew looks deep into the heart of the shadow.  The more information that becomes available, the more we realize so many issues dealing with mental health have symptoms that overlap and may be rooted in trauma.  Noise sensitivity, paralysis, executive function, all happen in AuDHD, ADHD, and from trauma/emotions stored…

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Episode 60: Mirror, Mirror

Have you ever wished that just for a moment you could see yourself through the eyes of others? We know we are our own worst critic. It is so easy to focus on the things that we don’t like about ourselves. Sometimes it even feels like it’s the human default setting to see what we…

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