Episode 60: Mirror, Mirror

Have you ever wished that just for a moment you could see yourself through the eyes of others? We know we are our own worst critic. It is so easy to focus on the things that we don’t like about ourselves. Sometimes it even feels like it’s the human default setting to see what we perceive as bad or negative first.

Logically we know that friends and family (the people who love us most) see us in a much different light than we see ourselves. When this topic came up in one of our Prosecco fueled podcast planning sessions, it sounded like an amazing idea for an episode.

So we all wrote one paragraph about the other members of the podcast, telling them exactly as we see them.

Now we’re going to let you be the judge of whether that was an amazing idea or “something else”.

Grab some tissues and get comfortable for this raw, vulnerable, tear-jerking episode that overflows with the love and admiration we have for each other and for you as our listeners.

We hope you can feel just some of what we experienced in that room that day. It was difficult and uncomfortable not only to read what you wrote about everyone else, but also to hear what they wrote about it.  We all definitely got a lesson in receiving that day.

Take a listen and set your intention to receive some of the love we sent your way on the day of this recording.

Let’s start this new year off with a Love Fest for the ages.


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