Episode 53: OHM-G! Itโ€™s Joanna the Healer

Whether youโ€™ve been with us from the beginning or just found us a few episodes ago, you know that the whole Crew is obsessed with Joanna the Healer from YouTube and sheโ€™s been the ultimate guest wish from episode 1. Most, if not all of us, listen to her new messages or channelings every week.  …

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Episode 68: WooWoo Wisdom 6.30.2023

Ohm-g Podcast members, Brenda and Chandra, do oracle card readings for friends and fans of the podcast. Many of today’s questions centered on financial abundance and how to increase it. However, Spirit had other priorities. The theme that came up over and over was that of the Psychic Warrior. It’s time to do what we…

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