step into your power

Episode 72: Power Play

Do you believe that we all have a super power?  Do you think you know what yours is? Well, so did the crew.  We all have gifts that are unique to us as individuals, but what really constitutes a super power?  I think we can all agree it doesn’t have to be something grandiose like…

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43: Another Glimpse of Oneness🎆

Hello friends…Chandra here. Pardon if I just jump right into the meat of this letter. I had a very deep experience the other day and I have to share it with all of you, my community. Last Sunday I was listening to Joanna the Healer’s latest video. I’m sure that comes as no surprise. It…

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42: What’s Your Super Power💥

Y’all, this eclipse season has been crazy! Hey its Aaron and I hope you all are doing well, taking care of you and yours, and doing some serious grounding before the holiday season gears up. I have been experiencing mirrors in the world that have been awful. Like, people have been rude, disrespectful, and downright…

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