trauma healing

Episode 48: Emotion & Body Coding with Linda Hood

Join the crew for an amazing conversation with our guest expert Linda Hood, CECP. Linda is an Emotional Release & Body Coding Therapy Practitioner and, as you will hear from our conversation, has had a major positive impact with our very own Chandra. She has been working with Linda in this effective healing modality for…

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Episode 47: A Visit With The Wanting Self

Join the crew for a serious discussion about the wanting self. We try to fill those empty places in ourselves. Sometimes its by buying new things. Sometimes it with zoning out so you don’t have to deal/feel. And sometimes it can even be with a substance that may not be for your highest good. Are…

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Episode 46: Save The Drama For Your Mama

Do you save the drama for your Mama or do you create drama from your trauma? It’s no surprise that we all carry familial and childhood trauma. The question becomes what we do with it. We may not have been responsible for acquiring the trauma, but healing from it is absolutely our responsibility. Releasing, healing,…

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