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Episode 66: A Charmed Life

Of course we are all trying to manifest a better life. To attract to us the life of our dreams and pursue our passion. In becoming aware of your vibrational state as you try to manifest, have you ever caught yourself looking back? Can you remember a time when you saw yourself as very low…

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Episode 65: Jar Magic

In this magical episode, the gang talks about their recent “Woo Workshop”, where they got some hands-on guidance in making jar spells.  These spells are created in a glass jar by setting an intention and adding your own special mix of essential oils, herbs, spices, crystals, and colorful ribbons (even graveyard dirt!?).  It’s very similar…

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Episode 64: The Path To Surrender

In this episode, the Woo Crew talks about CONTROL, VULNERABILITY, and the importance of SURRENDER. You know, those things that scare us all.  Why do we fear surrendering control?  Why is the idea of letting go so scary? This is more common than you might think.  After all, control is just an illusion and only…

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