Episode 64: The Path to Surrender

In this episode, the Woo Crew talks about CONTROL, VULNERABILITY, and the importance of SURRENDER. You know, those things that scare us all.  Why do we fear surrendering control?  Why is the idea of letting go so scary? This is more common than you might think.  After all, control is just an illusion and only…

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45: Vulnerability: Truth & Courage📢💪

Hello friends of the Ohm-g Podcast!  I hope your 2024 year is off to a peaceful start. If we listen to the rhythm of Mother Nature she is telling us to be still, to burrow down into the earth/ourselves and rest and reflect. I think everyone thinks of January as the month to set goals…

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Episode 58: A Curious Game

In this episode the Crew decides to have a little fun and play. Ever heard of a game called Actually Curious?  It’s a card game where the questions on each card are deep, real, and totally thought provoking. This game is amazing for family or a group of friends that you think you “know really…

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