Episode 58: A Curious Game

In this episode the Crew decides to have a little fun and play. Ever heard of a game called Actually Curious?  It’s a card game where the questions on each card are deep, real, and totally thought provoking.

This game is amazing for family or a group of friends that you think you “know really well”. I guarantee the questions they’ll be asked will be topics that have never come up in your conversations before.

We learned so much about each other during this little play session. Some of the answers were a little predictable, but there were others that were amazingly insightful not only for the person asking the question to learn more about their friend, but to the person answering the question as well.

We found it a great way to go deeper into ourselves and think about parts of ourselves not always right at the surface and obvious. The more we learn about ourselves the closer we are to the healing that we seek.

Take a listen and see if this is a game you’d like to play. 


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