26: A Letter to my Valentines💝

Hello friends!  Camillionaire here. This newsletter is my first one and is due on Valentine’s Day.

I mulled over various topics, got writer’s block (ugh!), and finally settled on “A Love Letter To My Woo Crew.”  This one should be easy.

Astrology was my first stepping stone into the world of woo.  If you know anything about astrology, then you might know what a “stellium” is.  For those who don’t know, it is a cluster of planets in a particular house & sign of someone’s natal chart (aka birth chart).  Those planets all smushed together basically AMPLIFY that area of the person’s life, giving it extra power and often extra blessings.  Well, your girl Camille has a packed-with-planets 11th house which rules friendship, community, and teamwork.  I can vouch for the fact that I am quite lucky in this area of life, and always have been.  When I make a good friend and we truly connect, they are mine for a lifetime. My two BFFs from childhood, Lisa L. & Lisa B., have been in my life for over 40 years. Through moves, crazy partnerships, ups & downs, random disagreements, family dramas – all of the celebrations and tragedies that every life brings – they remain rock solid, and I am both humbled and grateful.

When I moved from Texas to North Carolina in 2016, a series of events occurred that brought THE WOO CREW into my life, one by one: A randomly assigned massage therapist I had never met. Tentative discussions about our shared love of all things woo. An unwelcome spirit in my home that needed calming. Introductions to a local (and very impressive) medium, a spirit circle which led to further introductions of woo curious and like minded folks – it all just took off from there like a mystical jet plane – and suddenly there were 7 of us left standing on the woo runway, looking at each other with amusement.  “Hey – this kind of works, doesn’t it?”.  The hangouts began in earnest, and the laughter was ALWAYS present. Definitely one of my criteria. If you cannot laugh at the world and at yourself, you likely won’t find me setting a place for you at the CAMTABLE.


One of the reasons I love my woo crew so much is the fact that all of us are metaphysical “seekers”; eternal students of the unseen realms.  For example, lately both Chandra and I have been drawn to Dolores Cannon and her works – for no reason – not previously discussed or planned, just a common thread.  Chandra is a sparkly Gemini Sun, but this is just her surface – you don’t get to wade in the depths of her deeeeep Cancer moon without an invite.  Chandra doesn’t play – unless you know her well. She is one of the best Reiki practitioners I have ever met, and her connection with animals is so evident and often touches my heart. When we record our podcast, Chinchilla (my pup) gravitates toward her and often ends up snoring on her leg before the recording is finished.  Thank Goddess for sound people tweaking and refining our recordings – or you would all be subject to Chilla’s snoring, Angel’s collar jingling, or our gasps of horror when Cooper decides to grace us with a “silent but deadly” wind burst that melts your mascara.

When I met my Pisces Bruja, Rosalie, we both were seeking clarity on whether or not we should be practicing mediums based on some similar gifts we share.  Ro has deep ancestral gifts. Brenda introduced us based on a gut feeling – and it took off from there!  Ro and I are the “elders” of the group, and were incredibly blessed to take a mediumship course with the wonderful Bob Bens prior to his passing.  She introduced me to essential oils, and I can always go to her with crystal questions – or crystal quests! She makes awesome jewelry out of these crystals.  Ro’s house and family are my Thanksgiving go-to every year since I became a North Carolinian. 

Alexandra and I are different generations, yet so astrologically similar with lots of earth-water energy between us.  She is an old soul, and I knew that instinctively within minutes of meeting her. We share a common interest in astrology, a fascination with human behavior, and an automatic aversion to (and constant questioning of) organized religion that started at a very young age in each of us.   Oftentimes I look at her and see myself in my 20s-30s, but she is soooo much smarter and pulled together than I ever was – or am to this day.  Alexandra takes an interest or a subject and RUNS with it, and it is something to behold. I see great things ahead for this lady, and can only hope I get a front row seat.

My wonderful-warlock-ride-or-die Aaron (AY AY RON … if you know, you know!) was a bona fide bonus of knowing Brenda Sue. He is her nephew, who, like her – broke away from a constrictive religious upbringing that did not honor who he was, nor speak to his soul’s path.  He took charge of his life at an early age in a somewhat repressive atmosphere.  Wow. He is hysterical, witty, kind, and deep. My Mars in Sagittarius speaks to his Sun in Sag, and he has both levity and brevity, with comedic timing that amazes me. Like so many other teachers I know, Aaron’s love for his pupils is evident.  Even the irritating ones, lol.  I could never do his job, but even when frustrated, Aaron’s grace, love, and humor shines through it all and sparkles like a well-polished diamond.  He is a wonderful writer, too – the cherry on top!

Ally, who just happens to be Rosalie’s daughter, is our 7th witch who prefers to leave the podcasting spotlight to the rest of us.  A warm but very stoic Capricorn.  She lives in Raleigh and helps us out with our online presence. Much like hanging out with Alexandra and Aaron, I may be old enough to be her mom, but those generational lines seem to evaporate when I am with her. Lots of earth and fire energy here – She is kind, intuitive, and she passionately loves animals.  Ally and I connect on a different level than her mom and I do.  She is a gifted photographer and a fellow seeker who has a lot of her mother’s “brujeria”. We have a similar dark (twisted!) sense of humor and have shared so many laughs.

Last but certainly not least – is the lovely Brenda Sue – my initial connection and my “conduit” after moving from Texas to North Carolina. Brenda was that randomly-assigned massage therapist (Thank you, Universe!).  She and I struck up a woo conversation that started with me in my underwear on her massage table in 2016 – a conversation that continues to this day!  Brenda has basically been my guide here in NC.  She found my dog for me, she cheerfully took my hand as I FINALLY found my woo path in my late 40s, and opened her heart, home, and family to me.  Her genuine Gemini self and Aries moon were the initial YIN to my YANG.  She cajoles, encourages, and inspires me.  Her family is my family – both canine and human.  I cannot say enough about my Brenda Sue Jean Jolene Louise III – my amiga, my NC anchor, my teacher, my dog sitter, my sister from another mister. Thank you x 10,000.

How do I love these folks?  Let me count the ways. What have we done together? Spirit circles, gatherings, oils, crystals, tarot cards, chakra talk, oracle cards, Eclectic by Nature (We love you, Tavane), house clearings and blessings, reiki, energy work, meditation circles, cacao ceremonies, readings for each other, debates, brainstorm sessions, day trips, Pilot mountain explorations, pain purging, raw written letters to those who have hurt us and burning them afterward, edible experiences, inadvertent crystal ingestions (C & B I’m talking to you nutbars lol!) ,grief counseling, death doula discussions, late night hikes for Sasquatch, Granny Beaver’s banana salad dissertations, sound healing, salt caves, guest speakers, hypnotherapy, and prosecco-laden evenings where-it’s a good-thing-ain’t-no one-gonna-remember-this crazy shit! (or, if we do recall –hey! That’s a great podcast topic, right?!) Escapism, staring fear in the face, and those rubber bands of life that sometimes pull us away from our group, then snap us right back at the right time – potlucks, anxiety, celebration, and kinship.

Who could ask for anything more? Not me, not ever. Maybe that’s the difference between friendship chemistry and love chemistry: love chemistry fades, the passion wanes, the intriguing becomes the familiar, and couples fall into that routine-laden gray zone.  Based on my personal observations and experiences – what rescues a couple from that? A deep and abiding FRIENDSHIP – nothing else.  Friendship chemistry and friendship soulmates matter; We can be apart for weeks, sometimes months – and always recapture that spark that initially bound us. A sincere Valentine’s Day THANK YOU to my wonderful woo crew – with all my heart and my eternal loyalty, I love you. I thank you.

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