27: 📖Aspiring Authors Club📝 – NOW Accepting New Members👋

Chandra here this week.  Although I know you love Brenda and Aaron’s musings, we’re going to switch things up for a little while and let some of the other podcast members take a crack at the newsletter game.  Don’t worry…  B & A will be back from time to time.

I don’t know about you but I’ve been “feeling” lately.  For the past few months, I’ve been experiencing this “feeling” that is very hard to describe. I can’t say I’m feeling “off” because that is not true. It’s like a mix of excited, anticipation of something big, and discomfort all rolled into one.  Not a negative feeling, but not totally positive either.  Almost like that antsy feeling you get when you’re stuck waiting.  Like if you’re going on a long trip and your flight gets delayed.  You’d already pumped yourself up for that 10 hr flight and now you have to just sit in the airport for another 3 hours and twiddle your thumbs.  That’s what this feels like.

No matter what I’ve tried I haven’t been able to shake it. Even Spirit is being exceptionally vague and non-committal on the topic.  I’m a planner. I can deal with anything if I know what it is and what I can expect. Right now I just know things are about to change, but I have no idea how or when. And that can send the planner in me spiraling in circles or overthinking, but never coming up with a clear direction or next step.

Now I can allow myself to steep in this “feeling” until it escalates to full blown anxiety (which usually comes with its ever-faithful traveling companion, depression). And to tell you the truth, that is my typical trauma-inspired modus operandi.  But I can now see how Spirit has been conspiring to bring me to another option if I choose to take it.

Here lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Dolores Cannon and going down the rabbit hole of how our human lives most closely represent a computer simulation with the soul still plugged into universal consciousness. How we are the center of our own reality and we have the power to affect that reality however we choose.  She is a renowned QHHT practitioner and has seen first hand how the energy that inhabits this human form has the ability to heal itself. She has written many books on the amazing ability of the mind to create the reality you experience. 

Then today I read a post from a friend that says, ”When your life is feeling stagnant or as if nothing is happening, that means you’re being given the time & space to heal and release the baggage that you cannot carry to where you’re meant to go.”

So, I’m going to create my own reality here.  Instead of allowing the energy I’m experiencing (whatever it may mean) to escalate into anxiety I’m going to rewrite the story. As Dolores says, life is only a story the soul plays out, a computer simulation. So I choose to become the author of this section of that story. I’m deciding to call this “feeling” a call-to-pause and take advantage of that time & space to heal and release. The feeling is still there and it still feels the same but I can take the authoritarian control to name it and spin it to my own advantage. Just taking control of the perspective immediately de-escalates the intensity and removed the need to overthink.  Perspective is an amazing tool!

So, I say we start an Aspiring Authors Club. What section of your story are you going to choose to rewrite for yourself? Whatever it is, I hope you create a powerful shift into the love-filled reality you deserve!

Until next time.

With lots of love,
Ca-Chandra Caroline

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