28: Resonance📡 and Frequency🎶 Save the Day

Rosalie here. As I sat down to write my first newsletter I panicked. I had no idea what to write about. Instead of typing on my laptop, I took out a pen and paper. I fixed myself a cup of coffee in the French press and sat down in my living room with my faithful Velcro dog, Fifi, by my side. I found a Schumann Resonance playlist on Spotify to help me focus. It is the frequency the earth vibrates to 7.83 Hz and is an alpha/theta brainwave frequency in the human brain . It has been studied and said to help with enhanced learning and memory, balance, body rejuvenation and more.

I decided I would just start writing (in cursive) and see what random thoughts came to me. I guess you could call it automatic writing also known as psychography. I would let Spirit guide my hand literally. I closed my eyes as I listened to the music. The pen tip resting on the paper waiting for the words to start flowing. Nothing happened.

As I sat with my eyes closed patiently waiting for the words to start flowing and the pen to start moving I noticed colors. I was seeing the colors in my mind’s eye. They would change with the tones and notes of the music. It was almost like watching the aurora borealis (an item on my bucket list). My bliss was interrupted by a commercial from some random pharmaceutical company!

With the spell broken I looked at the next song on the playlist and it said Solfeggio Frequencies Chakra Balance. I guess the universe was telling me I was off balance. I didn’t know what the Solfeggio Frequencies were so I looked them up. I found a website called mindeasy.com Not only did it give definition of the frequencies and their benefits it had sound samples to listen to.

According to their website: The Solfeggio Frequencies are used to open the chakras and bring about various mental and physical health benefits, depending on the frequency used. As I listened to frequency samples I tried to see how they affected me. The tones got higher as I played them in order. I did notice my dog Fifi’s ears twitch with each tone change. 10 seconds of each tone was not enough to get a response from me but I am sure over a longer period of time it would.

As I was running out of things to write I decided to pull a card from The Crystal Spirits Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid for inspiration. Lepidolite flew out of the deck. It is the go-to stone for times of stress! It is here to help you focus and reminds you to slow down and take one task at a time. Thank you Spirit!!

I started out thinking I had nothing to say and was all stressed out. I chose music to help me focus. It led to me discovering that Solfeggio Frequencies help with focus, and balance as well as mental and physical benefits. Sound is powerful.

I hope this random newsletter helps some of you out there discover new ways to help you get through the tough tasks we have to deal with on a daily basis. Sound is powerful and healing. I guess that was the message Spirit wanted me to share with you all today.

Love and Light,


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