39: Purging and Processing💻🧑‍🏫

Hey y’all, Aaron here!

I am writing this on a Sunday evening.. THE Sunday evening.. The one before a new school year. “Sunday Scaries” are real for so many of us. But I truly believe, as the kids would say, “Hits Different” when you’re a teacher.

I’ve been purging and processing (note to self, trademark that phrase and turn it into a t-shirt) a LOT lately. If there is an opportunity of any sort, (career, within my interpersonal relationships, podcast-related, creatively, or socially) if I do not intuitively get a “Hell Yes!”. Then it is a “Hard No.” 

Last night, Christian and I were talking about both of our current creative projects that we’ve been working on. We both dream of being able to live off of our art – our gifts. Are working hard toward making that a reality someday. With myself, it begins with setting firm boundaries around my writing and working on my novel. 

I’ve noticed that I self-sabatoge throughout the year and spend money more liberally than I should. I don’t stick to as strict of a budget to ensure that I have enough money to make ends meet for the two summer months wherein neither of us get pay checks. As a result, for the past five summers, I have had to work in some other form. Either by teaching summer school, teaching other teachers who are working on getting their license, helping my parents out at their office, etc. The outcome of this is I’m left feeling I had a productive summer. All my bills are paid but I don’t feel fulfilled. I begin the school year feeling burnt out, and I don’t focus on my writing. Hello, inner saboteur, my old friend – I’ve come to talk with you again. 

I feel an intense sadness about this summer coming to a close. Now, don’t get me wrong: I can’t WAIT for all things pumpkin, cardigans, and leaves. However, it’s getting back into a structured routine that is for a career that I do feel fulfilled in but also feel very physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained from, too. It’s a YES/AND situation. Yes, I love teaching and love my students. AND they drain and exhaust me, no matter how much energetic protection I put upon myself daily. The world only has so many crystals and Palo Santo before a group of 120 12-13 year olds wear those resources down, lol.

Now, back to the conversation Christian and I were having.. When we went into the living room after talking, there was a wooden framed picture laying face up on the floor a ridiculously far distance away from where it was placed. This item was gifted from an old friend (who we aren’t friends with anymore…Why do I ALWAYS have falling-outs with Leos?). This was the second time this summer that the picture, which ironically says “The influence of a good teacher can never be erased” was tossed. Like, I’m talking someone/something had to have tossed this damn thing off the wall. Plus, it would’ve landed, most likely, face down instead of face up. So, I texted the situation (with video evidence, of course) to the Podcast ladies and asked them to tune in to see what all of this was about. Within minutes, my Bitchin’ Witchin’ Coven responded. They said it was one of my guides playfully telling me to let that shit go and that it (and its energy) aren’t needed anymore. 

So, naturally, I went out to the bonfire pit in our backyard and burned it to a crisp the next day.  Major purge.

Sometimes we need to purge people, sometimes it is things or physical objects that need to be purged. Hell, sometimes it is old belief systems or patterns that are limiting us. That are keeping us from reaching our full potential – keeping us from shining our light. 

What or who are you purging from your life as we move from Leo season into Virgo season? Whatever it is, I hope it helps you to feel lighter, to feel more empowered. I hope it helps to protect your peace. I know that is what my focus will be this Harvest season.

Cheers and With Love,


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